Utilizing PacketStream’s Residential Proxies to Monitor You and Your Competitor’s Website’s Search Engine Rankings

For web searches, the trend nowadays is to look at the first page of a search engine. Rarely do people venture into unknown territory a.k.a the succeeding pages.

Most of the websites on these pages have a tendency to be overlooked in favor of the first page results.

If you have a website and you want it to grow, chances are you would want to be included in the first page of a search engine.

With numerous websites running, there’s stiff competition for this coveted placement.

Understanding where you and your competitors stand is important.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and monitoring with PacketStream’s residential proxies play an important role.

How Are PacketStream’s Residential Proxies Useful for SEO?

SEO plays a key role in determining the success rate of websites. Understanding your SEO rankings is crucial if you want to see your website become visible in search engines.

There are several growth strategies that companies can use, from DIY tools to availing of a specialized SEO service.

These tools are useless if you don’t understand how they’re performing and effecting your ranking.

You can do an audit on your website, and even on your competitor’s, but you’ll need residential IPs to successfully web scrape rankings.

When dealing with SEO on a daily basis, you’re bound to run into situations where proxies are needed. Our residential proxies provide you with real residential IP addresses.

This removes the issue of blocked target websites.

Our proxies are there to give you access to the data you need to see where you’re ranking against your competitors. To put it simply, PacketStream residential proxies serve as a tool to collect the most accurate data.

Why Use PacketStream Residential Proxies?

When picking the right proxies, you must understand the difference between:

  • PacketStream Residential proxies: With rotating residential IP addresses, our proxies will mask your automated tooling from being blocked by search engines. If you’re planning on scraping, our proxies give you a new IP address when you need.

  • Data center proxies: More common, this proxy type gives you different IP addresses to choose from. However, these proxies aren’t nearly as effective as residential proxies — you can get blocked, and your access to accurate data can be restricted.

When it comes to data collection, web scraping is used by numerous businesses. It can be utilized for SEO monitoring and website audits, among others. To do this without being blocked, you need to use proxies.

PacketStream’s Residential proxies are your best choice for SEO data collection as they give you total accuracy and are less likely to be blocked compared to data center proxies.

Using Residential Proxies to Your Advantage

If you apply the best SEO practices and use our residential proxies to monitor your performance, then you’ll have a winning strategy for having better rankings.

Using both to your advantage will help you with your search page ranking and help your website grow.

Where do I get PacketStream’s Residential Proxies??

To learn more about our residential proxies and how to use them, visit our site here: packetstream.io.

Written on September 30, 2019