Sidekick AI: Another Reason to Sit and Relax

PacketStream has developed an artificial intelligence tool called Sidekick AI that provides businesses with a targeted pool of social media influencers. What this means is that businesses specify the type of influencers that they want to target and identify, and Sidekick AI will provide these businesses with the specified influencers on a daily basis.


What does this mean for businesses? BIG EARNINGS AND SAVINGS.

According to Influencer MarketingHub, businesses that invest in influencer marketing sees an average earning of $5.20 in media value per $1 spent. If you are not spending time and money on influencer marketing, you definitely should now that you know the benefit of influencer marketing.

This is where Sidekick AI comes in.

Sidekick AI charges less than $1 per generated contact and you as a business can reach up to 150 influencers per day with Sidekick AI. Yes, you can pay your interns to do this tedious work but they should be doing something more meaningful if you are hiring at all.

Furthermore, interns are prone to error. Not because they are interns, but because they are human beings. If interns were tasked to reach out to 150 different influencers on a daily basis, it is inevitable that they will, sooner or later, run into the same influencers from a few days ago, send duplicate messages, and slowly wear out. However, with Sidekick AI, you minimize these inevitable human errors.

What’s the take away from all this?

Interns tire. Interns come and go. Sidekick AI prevails. You should be using it too.

Check Sidekick AI out via the following link:


Written on May 8, 2019