PacketStream's New Face


PacketStream continues to grow from high customer demand so we figured it was time our website got a little upgrade.

As the title mentions, the face of PacketStream’s website has changed completely.

The biggest change, of course, is the color of PacketStream’s theme. Whereas the old PacketStream was identified by its radiant purple, the new PacketStream has taken up a pleasant tone of blue to be easier on the eyes.

On top of that, PacketStream has gone from its theme of simplicity to a new theme of modernness. This is a symbolic change for PacketStream’s mission. Previously, PacketStream focused on its user-friendliness with its simple aesthetics. However, as customer demands continue to skyrocket, PacketStream has taken on a new face of being important in an everyday market usage with its new theme of modernness.

But the aesthetics is not the end of it.

There are new features that drive PacketStream to be even more business-friendly than before.

As you scroll down our homepage, you will run into why residential IPs can help your business perform better than before with examples of how. You now have a reason to consider using PacketStream, don’t you think?

Then, you will run into a summary of the amount of IP addresses we have available for our clients, the number of apps created by PacketStream, and the number of clients. On top of this, we provide testimonials from real clients so that you can be certain of PacketStream’s quality.

Last but not least, we now provide you with many different business tool apps that you can sign up with us to utilize in order to maximize your business. One of the apps on there is called Sidekick AI, which automates the process of identifying, contacting, and recruiting social media influencers to help your marketing value improve!

Check out our new website:

Written on May 13, 2019