How to Make MORE MONEY with PacketStream

Packeters. If you are not sharing your referral link, you are losing out on the money that you could have been making. So get on that game of sharing your referral link with your friends, family, and the boy/girl next door! Honestly, what better way is there to talk to the boy/girl next door with whom you’ve been wanting to chat than by sharing your referral link that could bring them free money. It doesn’t sound like an awkward thing to do at all.

Let’s get into more detail about this month’s SPECIAL OFFER.

As a Packeter, you are already making a passive income by sharing your bandwidth. On top of this, you make EXTRA 3% of the lifetime earnings from all new Packeters using your referral link when other Packeters sign up using your referral link.

However, for a LIMITED TIME in May, we are increasing that extra percentage to 20%!

Mad Stacks

During the month of May ONLY, you will receive 20% of the lifetime earnings from those new Packeters when new Packeters sign up using your referral link. That is 5.67 times MORE MONEY. If you weren’t sharing your referral link, that is 20% extra from ZERO! In the world of math, that is an infinite amount.

Just make sure you give your unique referral link which you can find in your Dashboard or here:

Written on May 2, 2019