How Residential Proxies Can Help Your Business

While globalization has led to increased competition, it has also allowed businesses to grow at a much faster rate. Nowadays, even small businesses have the capacity to reach consumers worldwide with the use of technology.

With this widening global reach comes the challenge of privacy, security and high-level marketing. Businesses run the getting blocked or blacklisted by other websites that don’t want them collecting data.

A residential proxy network is an effective solution to get around these problems.

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy is an intermediary that uses IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP). These residential IPs are the real thing; not spoofed IPs from a data center.

When you use a residential proxy, your real IP address is masked. Every single time you go online, you’re assigned a residential IP address.

Unlike datacenter IPs, residential IPs are recognized as real people and ensure that your requests to a server succeed without being blocked.

How can residential proxies help your business?

Residential proxies are more legitimate than datacenter proxies and make web browsing more reliable. Businesses are relying more on them because they help improve privacy, security, and safety. Here are some ways residential proxies help your business:

1. Helps maintain anonymity

You can protect the privacy of your business with residential proxies. Rotating residential IPs form a barrier between you and other servers, masking your identity. This enables you to conduct business without others having any insight into the elements of your company.

2. Enables data harvesting

Since residential proxies look like real IP addresses, the chances of them getting recognized as automated bots are very low. This decreases the chances of getting blacklisted when harvesting data from other websites.

3. Helps optimize advertising and marketing campaigns

Residential proxies can be used to test ad campaigns before fully launching them, or after they’ve already gone live. You can check how users from a specific location might view a specific online ad. You can also see whether they’re displayed properly or not.

4. Facilitates software testing and performance monitoring

Through residential proxies, you can see how your website or mobile app works for users from different locations. You’ll also be able to test the load capacity of your site or any new software by sending a large number of requests using multiple residential IP addresses.

5. Helps protect your brand and fight counterfeiters

Unscrupulous sellers of counterfeit merchandise restrict access to their website from countries where the real manufacturers are based. This makes it difficult to identify them and use legal action against them. With a residential proxy, you can access the counterfeit website and gather data and evidence which you can use to protect your brand.

Bottom line

Residential proxies do offer businesses a range of advantages. They mimic real human characteristics online and protect privacy. Furthermore, PacketStream’s residential proxies are offered at affordable prices and can be used on almost any smart device and software program.

If you’re a business owner looking to expand operations or seeking new opportunities, PacketStream’s residential proxy network is a great choice for high-quality residential proxies.

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Written on September 2, 2019